The restaurant is our strength! The Romagna, the true one, is served! We have the gastronomic treasures coming from the sea and from the hinterland to let you know and to offer you our menus.

The food quality is a fundamental factor to define the quality of a holiday. The culinary tradition cattolichina is precious because it gives the best of himself with the fish (we are a village of ancient fishermen) but also counts a good experience with the meat dishes, the view, the proximity to the hills of the Apennines.

And then? How to offer you the best? Simple. We want to offer you all the “good” that we can! That's why our menus are always two: the best from the sea and from the earth, every day! And vary with the alternatives that become surprises of taste every time you sit in the air conditioned dining room.

But it is not finished here: the buffet, both lunch and dinner, you will find a series of mouth-watering appetizers hot, delicious and imaginative. Also, next to them, we propose a sequence of healthy vegetables and salads that complement your meal.

Every Thursday, an appointment with the grid

Think that it's over?

No, we have to tell you something, you certainly will love. Thursday evening for us (and for you) is a very special moment: we serve the fish of the Adriatic to the grid!

For us the “grill” has a particular meaning: it is the kitchen the most traditional of our fish, that exalts the goodness of the fish and releases the scents best and most beloved of our kitchen.

The day begins with a smile

And at breakfast? Also here we try to pay special attention to your needs. For example, there are always cold meats for those who like to wake up with the salt. For lovers of desserts, however, there are the homemade desserts from our kitchen.

And then, of course, fresh bread, biscuits, jams, cereals, yogurt that you can start the day with the right gear and the most alive energy!

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