Pamper the families we love so much! Big, small, grandparents, children... the family is the heart of our hospitality!

The hotel Metropol is particularly suitable forthe reception of children of all ages.
Ours is a friendly, family welcome. And it is perhaps to this that we devote the most attention possible to those who come to visit with children.

The entire tourist offer that we propose wheel, in fact, around to the comfort and amenities designed especially for families. We think of the beach, to the pools dedicated to children and their safety. Think of all the’animation professional and fun that entertains them. On the beach, also, theplay area is fenced-in, secure, and parents can relax.

The sea of Cattolica and slopes down gently and gradually to the sandy bottom, and this is reassuring to the parents while their children swim happily in the water of the sea.

A hotel childproof

As for the rooms, we can allestirle with everything you need for the comfort of the whole family: sun-beds, banks of security, and cots are always available.

That convenience of having flexible hours for the meals! We try to make the moments spent at the table more pleasant as possible, and we put at your disposal everything you need for feeding children of all ages. Baby food healthy and fresh every day are prepared by our kitchen staff: pureed vegetables and soups, also for the little ones, there is never a shortage! In addition, the table for the family is the most cheerful and colorful: we provide cutlery, glasses and high chairs for your little guests!

All of our staff has a penchant for your children very warm the bottle at all hours is a great pleasure for us!

It will be nice to also have a ride on his bicycle all together: mom, dad, and the kids can use the bikes that we put at your disposal, and explore a little bit Catholic, our beloved town!

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