Eh, yes: sleeping well is essential to be able to deal with a holiday at the sea with so much energy and so much enthusiasm. We try to offer you the rooms that can take an effective sleep!

Our hotel has 60 rooms and are perfect for families with children, young couples, grandparents.
The hotel Metropol are also welcome groups of tourists in travel structured.

Safety deposit box, hair dryer, air conditioning, shower: are all facilities which you can enjoy in our rooms.

There is also a Led TV and free wi-fi in all rooms! Ready to share your room at the hotel Metropol on social media?

Children are protagonists, even in the room

We try to adapt our rooms to the characteristics of the book. How? We model the arrangement of the beds for your every need. For our most important guests, the children, we add cribs, cots, side rails, and everything you need to give them a sleep comfortable and peaceful. And, of course, if they sleep their dreams quiet and serene, even the parents!

Our guests are important, and already from the time of booking we try to understand what will make it more convenient for your experience here at the Metropol.

Cleaning and a lot of care, every day

There is another aspect to which we keep a lot here in the hotel: the cleaning of the rooms is always careful and rigorous.

We consider this of vital importance to define the quality of a stay. This particular attention, the care and cleaning of the environment, is naturally projected in all areas of the hotel, even the common ones.

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